Pastor's Column

April 29, 2018 Pastor's Column

     In our April meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council we discerned new members to take the place of members who are cycling off.  After collecting names from our Time and Talent sheets, we prayed to the Holy Spirit and drew names from a basket. 

     These are the council members for the current year:  Sam Ensley, Adam Freiburger, Carole Fuller, John Minick, Jay Nelson, Dave Pierre, Margaret Ryan, Andy Schneider, Dan Schneider, Mary Ann Slater, Dave Stevens, John Whitmore, and Mark Wissel. 

     I sincerely thank all of the parishioners who showed interest in the council but were not discerned this year and I thank Bob and Linda Marshall, Monica DeJong, and Tom Richter, who are cycling off the council, for their years of dedicated service.

     The Parish Council is an advisory board that discusses the spiritual life, the social life and the outreach of the parish.  Please feel free to talk with any of our council members about your insights and ideas.

      A reminder:  Next weekend we will host a group of musicians who specialize in Catholic sacred music at our Saturday 5 p.m. Mass.  After Mass, they will present a concert and a workshop on sacred music.  This should be a good chance for prayer and a good chance to learn more about our prayer.