Pastor's Column

February 16 Pastor's column

     We are coming very close to Lent.  A week from Wednesday, Feb. 26, is Ash Wednesday.  Now is the time to start making plans for Lent.  We need to ask ourselves, “What really should change in my life?”  Are there sins that need to go?  Are there good works or acts of charity that I should be doing?  Is there a practice of self-denial that will help me to be less self-centered?”  We have ten days to make a plan.

     As part of our Lenten journey, we will offer Stations of the Cross and Benediction every Friday evening of Lent at 7:00 p.m.  You may want to come for the 6:30 p.m. Mass and stay.  On the mornings of Lent, we will also expose the Blessed Sacrament after the 6:15 Mass until 8:00 on Monday through Friday.  That could be a powerful time of prayer. 

     We have scheduled evening events on the first three Thursdays of Lent.  The first will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 27 in the Hession Center.  Jeannie Ewing and Anna Nuzzo will present an evening focused on God’s Amazing Mercy.  Jeannie is a nationally-known spirituality writer and speaker.  Anna is an internationally-known Catholic recording artist.  With music and stories, they will guide us to God’s healing and hope.

     On the second Thursday, March 5, our speaker is neither nationally nor internationally known, but pretty familiar to the parish.  I will present a talk that night.  “Living in a Church with Warts” will be a reflection on dealing with Church scandals.  We’ll ask how we can love a Church which is one, holy, catholic and apostolic, while we have known so many scandals throughout history, including the painful scandals today. 

     Our final Thursday, March 12, was supposed to feature a presentation by Fr. Dennis.  However, now that he is transferred and his plate is full, I have offered to do a repeat of my “Pope on a Rope” presentation.  For those who haven’t seen it, this is a fun walk through the 2,000 year history of our Church.