Pastor's Column

February 3, 2019 Pastor's column

     We are finishing Catholic Schools Week.  This is a time to take a good look at the value of our parish school.  It is easy to see.  At a school event or a school Mass, one has to be impressed by the polite, reverent and well-behaved children.  Looking around the church on the weekend, we can see lots of kids, strong families, and many with two or even three generations in our school.  The faith is shared through the generations in our parish school.   We offer special thanks to our dedicated teachers, administrators and staff, and to all who support our school.

     I was very edified by the turnout at the March for Life in Fort Wayne last weekend.  Someone told me that we had around 2000 people.  We can’t relax our efforts to change hearts and minds.   The new laws in New York are chilling.  Removing legal term limits for abortion, they have made it legal to abort a full-term baby.  We pray for God’s guidance and for God’s mercy.

      On the same day as the march, I attended a meeting for Faith in Indiana, an ecumenical community-organizing group that is working to address poverty, racism, and has a special focus on the rehabilitation of those who have committed crimes.  Our Catholic vision of human dignity calls us to work to protect the unborn and also those who struggle to make it in our society.    

     Fr. Dennis is leaving on Monday for a trip to the Holy Land.  As he prays for us from holy places, we pray for safe travel.