Pastor's Column

January 27, 2019 Pastor's column

     This weekend we begin Catholic Schools Week.  St. Charles Grade School and Bishop Dwenger High School are wonderful assets as we pass the faith through the generations.  Here, our youth will grow in their faith, learn the truth, and become stronger disciples of Christ.  We are much indebted to our devoted teachers, faculty and staff.  Theirs is a vocation of sharing the faith.  Everyone is invited to view our school science fair and join in coffee and donuts on Sunday morning.

     I thank all who made such generous gifts to our Annual Bishop’s Appeal this year.  This year the appeal took place at the same time that terrible scandals were in the news and still we went well over our goal.  I think that the generosity of our people shows:  even with its blemishes, we love our Church.

     With 95 baptisms in our parish last year, we are blessed to be a parish with babies.   We want to do all that we can to support and encourage parents who are bringing their infants to Mass.  For those who don’t live around babies and aren’t used to routine baby noise, I would suggest that we think of that low-level noise as the singing of our littlest ones.  Everyone knows that occasional meltdowns are a part of a baby’s day.  For young parents new to the parish, please don’t be too stressed when this happens.  We have speakers both in our cry room and our Gathering Space, where parents can take a child during a meltdown and and then return as soon as the baby has calmed.  We are a Church that loves babies and you have our respect and admiration for bringing them to Mass.