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Pastor's Column

July 5, 2020 Pastor's column

    For two years now our parish has been twinning with a seminary in Fort Portal, Uganda.  Last year we sent almost $8,000.  They purchased wooden desks for the seminary along with bags of rice and beans for the seminarians’ meals.  We received very grateful letters in return along with photos and receipts from their purchases.  This year we sent $11,000 to help them with a building project.  The seminary had begun construction of a two-story classroom building some years ago but never finished it due to lack of funds.  Our gift should be enough to finish the building.   We are now receiving photos with gracious notes of thanks as they are working on this project.  I will try to attach some of those photos here.  You will see homemade scaffolding and piles of sand used to stucco the outside and inside of the building.  This is the simplest of buildings…. homemade bricks covered in stucco with no plumbing or electricity.  I think that St. Charles, the patron saint of seminaries, would be tickled to see what our donation is doing.  If anyone would like to make a further donation to help, you may write a check to St. Charles and we will send a bank transfer.      

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     Fr. Thomas is on a drive to Missouri this weekend, meeting up with a couple of seminary friends.  This is a little vacation scheduled before the transfer was scheduled.