Pastor's Column

June 19, 2022 Pastor's column

     This is Corpus Christi weekend, the weekend when we focus on the Body and Blood of Christ present in the Eucharist.  Today, we begin a three-year plan to better focus on the reality that is so central to our Catholic faith.  On Sunday afternoon this weekend, a diocesan Eucharistic procession will begin at 2:30 at Sacred Heart Parish in Warsaw.  After a walk of roughly two miles, the procession will end at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.  Music, food, and a festival will follow this event.  Everyone is encouraged to join us, along with parishioners from across the diocese.

      Other events are on the radar for the three-year Eucharistic initiative:  in the second year, we are planning 40 Hours Devotion at St. Charles.  We will have a series of three evenings of prayer and speakers, with people in the church for Adoration day and night throughout.  In the third year, there will be a national Eucharistic Congress held in Indianapolis.  We hope to put together a large parish representation for that.   The goal is to revitalize our faith in the Eucharist and to help all Catholics better understand and appreciate the central importance of the Mass in our lives.

     The diocese is offering the annual priest retreat this week at Pokagon State Park.   Fr. Koehl has already made a retreat this year, but Fr. James and I will both attend from Monday evening through Friday noon.  Because we will be short on priests in the parish, we will need to reduce the number of daily Masses.  There will be no evening Mass on Tuesday or Thursday, and there will be no 6:15 a.m. Mass on Wednesday.  We will also need to cancel the Thursday evening confessions.  Please keep your priests in prayer.

     Lisa Schleinkofer is leaving us this week as co-director of Religious Education.  Lisa has been on the parish staff for fifteen years, helping with Religious Education classes, coaching school students who read for Mass, working with Vacation Bible School, and helping for students who are preparing for sacraments.  Lisa and her family are moving to Georgia.  She will be missed.

     Our neighbors at St. Jude have received the sad news that the Sisters of Notre Dame will soon be leaving Fort Wayne.  St. Jude has had sisters in their parish ministry since they were founded in 1929, first the Sisters of Providence and then the Sisters of Notre Dame.   We are blessed to have Sister Genevieve on staff in our school and several sisters who are living nearby and active in the parish.  As we pray for more young men to hear the call to priesthood, we especially need to pray for more sisters to serve in the Church.

     Finally, we wish a very happy Father's Day to all as we offer prayers and thanks for our fathers this weekend.