Pastor's Column

June 26, 2022 Pastor's column

     You may remember that we planned a Eucharistic procession at St. Charles during a school day in April.  It rained that day and the event was canceled.  The Lord had better plans for the diocesan procession last weekend in Warsaw.  We were blessed with a warm but beautiful day, a great crowd, and a wonderful chance to gather and celebrate the presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  It was stirring to see so many people, and to have music led by our Latino Catholics, Black Catholics, Burmese Catholics, Filipino Catholics, Vietnamese Catholics and Nigerian Catholics.  It was also edifying to see so much support from the police, EMTs, and the public officials who closed a state highway for half an hour as we processed in prayer.  Our US bishops have called us for the next three years to focus on the great gift of the Eucharist.   It is here that we are made one with our God.

     Renovation in the church is nearly complete, but there are a few pieces still in the works.  We are making plans for brighter lighting in the sanctuary and the choir area, and different lighting around the periphery of the church.  There are a few areas of the terrazzo floor in need of attention and we have ordered a few more pew cushions where they are missing.  New doors for the reconciliation rooms and better ventilation in the cry room are next on the list.  I am very grateful and humbled to see the generosity of this parish in our renovation project. 

     We are approaching the Fourth of July.  This is a neighborhood that loves fireworks.  On the Fourth there is always great entertainment  visible from our rectory back porch, with displays shooting off all over the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, sometimes fireworks can be dangerous.  A couple of weeks ago someone lit fireworks and deposited them in a trash can next to the wooden parish garages.  Several fire trucks arrived as the fire grew.  We were left with a melted trash can and a bit of mess, but thankfully the garages didn’t catch fire.  Please be careful with fireworks! 

     As you read this column, Fr. James and I will have just returned from an annual priest retreat.  I don’t know if you will notice any change in holiness.  You may notice Fr. Koehl looking especially tired, though.  He is holding the fort by himself for several days.  He will be leaving for vacation time on Monday.  

     Fr. George Gabet is a St. Charles alumnus who was ordained a priest for the Fraternity of St. Peter.   He is currently assigned to a parish in Dayton, Ohio.  He will be celebrating his silver jubilee next weekend.  We offer our congratulations and prayers.