Pastor's Column

June 3, 2018 Pastor's Column

     This weekend is an important weekend in our parish life.  We offer congratulations to Fr. Nathan Maskal and we pray that he will have a long a fruitful ministry in our diocese.  We also need to give thanks to God for prayers answered.  Our long-standing tradition of offering a Vocation prayer after Communion is bearing fruit.  In addition to Fr. Nathan, our parish currently has Jacob Schneider studying for priesthood in our diocese, Jacob Eifrid studying for the Holy Cross brothers, Sr. Rose Caritas (Karen) Robinson in temporary vows with the Poor Claires, and Sr. MaryAnn Burkhart preparing for final vows as a hermit.

     We offer thanks to Cathy Jacob, who sewed the beautiful Corpus Christi procession canopy we will use this weekend.  We also offer thanks to Cece Dunderman, the Rosary Society, the Knights of Columbus, the Vocation Committee, the musicians and servers, and all who are helping with the festivities for Fr. Nathan’s first Mass.

     We now have a sign-up book in the Gathering Space for people to help in bringing up offertory gifts at Mass.  The task is simple: after the petitions are done, the gift bearers go to the back of the church, where they will be met by a server with the processional cross.  When the priest is ready, the server will lead the gift bearers up the aisle to hand the vessels to the priest.  We typically bring forward 8 gifts, and a team of four or more is great.  If you would like to sign up as a smaller team of two or three, we will send servers to join you.  You may sign up for the Saturday evening Mass or any Sunday Mass.  We appreciate advance sign-ups so that our ushers aren’t scrambling to find someone.

     We have many exciting behind-the-scenes activities taking place in the parish this summer.  1)  Our outdoor parish signs are being replaced with high-tech electronic signs.  This project should be done in the next week or two.  2)  A new parish website is nearly complete.  We are making final adjustments before it is launched in the next few weeks.  3) Our architects are organizing bids for a new church roof.  The new roof should be installed in early fall.   4) Minor renovations are taking place in the school to accommodate a new pre-school program for 4-year-olds.  5) We are organizing a 10-week faith-sharing event called Alpha   (which includes free dinners and child care!) on Wednesday evenings beginning September 5.  We are a parish on the move.