Pastor's Column

March 10, 2019 Pastor's column

     The second evening of our Lenten Series will be offered on Thursday evening at 7:00 in the Hession Center.  Fr. Dennis, who taught for some time in Ukraine, will offer insight into the Byzantine Rite of the Catholic Church, and particularly talk about Byzantine Lenten practices.  Join us for a very interesting evening, and possibly for some ideas for your Lenten journey. 

   Redeemer Radio will hold its Spring Sharathon this week.  The St. Charles hour is 1:00 until 2:00 on Thursday.  Following the example of our Lenten series, we will have stories from parishioners who have recently been on pilgrimage.  Please tune in and please make a pledge. 

     It is not too late to sign up for the Men’s Day of Reflection on Saturday, March 16.  It will begin with the 8:15 morning Mass and end at noon.  You can register on the parish website,

     Next weekend, we will offer the Anointing of the Sick after the 5:00 Saturday evening Mass.  This sacrament is offered to those who have a serious illness and those infirmed by age.  As one of the seven sacraments, it is offered to baptized Catholics who have reached the age of reason.  The service will last only ten or fifteen minutes.

      Some interesting information:  The Annual Bishop’s Appeal has now finished 32 years.  Each year our parish has gone over our goal and all of the gifts over the goal are given to the parish.  I am looking at a history of our appeal over the years and adding all that has been returned to our parish.   We have passed a million dollars!