Pastor's Column

May 13, 2018 Pastor's column

Pastor 0513

     We welcome all of the guests and relatives who join us this weekend for Mother’s Day.  As we remember mothers who gave us life, nurtured us, taught us, and brought us to the Lord, we give thanks for our mothers today.  In a special way, we pray for mothers who have died.  We pray that we will one day meet them in heaven.

     We thank all of those who made our First Communion a beautiful celebration last weekend.  For many years it was our parish custom to have children receiving their First Communion at each of the weekend parish Masses.  This year, we changed that custom and had a single First Communion Mass.  Children read the scriptures, children led the music, and the First Communion children offered a beautiful hymn of joy at the end of the Mass.  I thought it was a beautiful and reverent event.  

     Next weekend is Pentecost Sunday.  Though it doesn’t get as much attention as Christmas and Easter, Pentecost is one of the three greatest feasts of the Church year.  We need the presence of the Holy Spirit, God empowering us and leading us through life.

     I ask everyone to be as generous as possible with the Pentecost collection for seminarian tuition.   We are grateful to God that more young men are responding to the call and entering the seminary, but we are also aware that tuition is expensive.  I serve on the diocesan budget committee, and I can see that our seminary tuition bills will pass the million dollar mark this year.  A generous response to this collection will help us to provide priests for the coming generations. 

     Our summer seminarian, Bobby Krisch, will be arriving on Wednesday.  On Thursday, he will join our 8th graders for an all-day bus trip to Indianapolis.  Assuming that doesn’t scare him away, we will then try to expose him to as many parish ministries as we can.  One goal is that our seminarians will get to know parish families.  He would be happy to receive any dinner invitations during the summer.