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Pastor's Column

November 25,2018 Pastor's column

(Sorry, no fresh news this week.  I wrote this column before leaving on vacation two weeks ago.)

     On Saturday, we will celebrate First Reconciliation with our second-graders.  Please keep them in prayer.  This is a wonderful day in their lives and a wonderful day for the parish.

     Next weekend we begin the season of Advent.  This is a season of waiting in joyful hope.  It is a difficult season for most of us, because the world around us has begun a spirited celebration of Christmas already.  We want to spend some time in quiet reflection, pondering these things in our hearts.  The church will be decorated in violet, there will be no Gloria during Mass, and we won’t hear any Christmas music until our celebration breaks forth on Christmas.  We need quiet time to prepare.

     A member of our parish council recently returned from a trip to Texas.  In a restaurant there, the silverware was placed on the table in a paper sleeve.  On the sleeve was printed a grace before meals: three distinct prayers for Catholics, Protestants and Jews.   Beautiful.