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Pastor's Column

November 4, 2018 Pastor's column

     The Feast of St. Charles Borromeo is November 4.  We will celebrate our parish feast day at the Masses this weekend and thank God for our blessings. 

    Good news:  the new church roof is soon going to happen.  We had a meeting with the project manager and worked out a starting date of November 20.  If the weather cooperates, the project will be done by the end of December.   We expect that the church will be closed only for a day or two while the roof above the altar is opened to add support for a larger cross.  A crane will be positioned in the drives on the north, south, or west sides of the church on various days.   This shouldn’t affect weekend Masses, and our school administrators are working out alternate traffic flow patterns for school drop-offs and pick-ups when a drive is closed.  We pray for a dry season and we ask for patience as we work around the construction.  We will all be happy to eliminate the buckets on rainy days.

       The Parish Council has been discussing our parish tithe.  In addition to special collections, the Advent Giving Tree, the Seminarian Bake Sale, Olivewood sales, and various other efforts, our parish currently gives away 2.9% of our Sunday offertory for worthy causes outside of the parish.  We are in a position to do a little more.  We are now giving financial help to three Fort Wayne parishes in need, and we agreed that it might be good to look farther from home.  As this discussion was underway, it seemed providential that Bishop Muhiirwa, who was sent to us for a missionary appeal, told us that he needs help for his seminary in Uganda.  We recall that St. Charles Borromeo is the patron saint of seminarians.   (You may also recall that the cost for tuition room and board in his seminary is $700/year.)  We are going to add a regular donation to the seminary in Fort Portal, Uganda in our parish tithe.  My plan is to make contact with the seminary so that we can see pictures, find out a little about some of the seminarians, and share some information about our parish.  My dream is that we can someday take a little parish team to Uganda and maybe bring a couple of their seminarians here for a visit.