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Pastor's Column

September 20, 2020 Pastor's column

     This is pledge weekend for the Annual Bishop’s Appeal.  The appeal is the main source of income for our local Catholic Church—for the bishop and all of the many ministries which take place through diocesan efforts.  We will have pledge cards in the pews this weekend and we encourage everyone to be as generous as you are able.  A lot of good works are possible because of the appeal, and any gifts over our goal are given back to the parish.  If you aren’t ready to make a decision this weekend, take a pledge card and return it later, or make your pledge on the diocesan website,

    This Wednesday Redeemer Radio will have their Tune-in for All-in  event, a pandemic replacement for the fall Sharathon.  Tune in to the radio station, FM 106.3, or go to their website,, for some interesting events on Wednesday.  Bishop Rhoades will be featured at noon, and at 7 p.m. there will be a program with games, surprise plans announced, and interesting video clips of the hobbies of various priests.  (You won’t see the videos on the radio; you’ll need a screen for this.)  You can also find this on Facebook at

     The St. Vincent de Paul Walk for the Poor will take place next weekend.  Bishop Rhoades, Fr. Thomas and I will be joining our local St. Vincent de Paul workers and other parishioners to walk a few miles and accept pledges to help the poor.  If you would like to pledge, go to and follow the directions for the Fort Wayne walk.  Our parish St. Vincent de Paul does a lot of good work in helping those in need.