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Pastor's Column

September 6, 2020 Pastor's column

     We will have only one Mass on Monday, Labor Day.  Join us at 9 a.m. as we pray for our nation and pray for all who do manual labor.  Maybe we should pray especially for all of the people who serve us unnoticed.  I think of farmers, truck drivers, trash collectors, grocery store stockers, maintenance crews, utility workers, police officers, newspaper carriers, road repair crews, postal workers, and the assembly-line workers who manufacture and package all of the goods and foods that we use.  Our lives are made comfortable by the labor of a host of people we rarely see.  Let us offer a grateful prayer for them.    

    Next weekend should have been the weekend for Cardinal Fest, our parish festival.  Unfortunately, a scary virus has hit our world and we don’t want to take a chance on dances, kid games, or all of the other fun events that usually take place.  Don’t give up.  It will return next year.

     We are grateful to see more and more people returning to weekend Masses.  I offer a few reminders, especially for those who are newly returning.  We do ask people to wear masks in church, with exceptions for very young children and those with medical conditions that make breathing difficult in a mask.  (The mask should cover both the mouth and the nose.)  We ask for social distancing in the church, sitting with family members but keeping space otherwise.  During the pandemic, we recommend receiving Holy Communion on the hand, but if it is important for you to receive on the tongue, we ask that you come to the center aisle to receive.  Let us all continue to pray for an end to this pandemic.

      Every year parishes invite a missionary speaker to talk about the works of the Church in other parts of the world, and then to allow us to help.  This year, Fr. Bob D’Souza from St. Jude Parish was assigned to come to St. Charles and speak about his diocese in India.  Unfortunately, Fr. Bob went home to India on vacation during the winter and with travel bans, he has been stranded there ever since.  When he does return, we’ll set up a date.