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November 2, 2020

Feast of All Souls Day

Dear RE Family and Friends,

It is my sincere hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, blessed All Saints Day, and are remembering your loved ones who have died on today, this being All Souls Day.  These three great holidays are wonderful teaching moments in the Church calendar for young ones.  

November is finally here, which means we will be having our parish Confirmation this month!  These candidates for Confirmation have worked hard over that last 10 months in preparation for this most holy sacrament!  While not only studying the sacrament, they have also completed a minimum of 15 service hours, attended the virtual diocesan retreat, researched their saint, wrote letters requesting the sacrament, and will have their interviews next week during class.  Whew....that is a lot, but these students are ready!  Please keep them all in our prayers on November 20 and November 21 as Bishop Rhoades joins us to confirm these young men and women!

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this month, although it might be a bit different for many of us, we want to be sure you know how thankful we are for all of you!  Our RE families are the best and the children we get to work with each Monday night are lights in this time of uncertainty!  On behalf of our catechists, assistants, Lisa, and myself, we are SO thankful for all of you. Have a great November and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday as we prepare for Advent!

Amy and Lisa

November 2020 Calendar
November 2:   Regular Class Night
                        8th Grade Saint Project Due
November 9:   Regular Class Night
                        8th Grade Confirmation Interview Night
November 16:  Regular Class Night
                        8th Grade to Practice for Confirmation during Class
November 19:  CONFIRMATON PRACTICE (originally scheduled) CANCELLED
November 20:   7pm Confirmation Mass 1
November 21:  10am Confirmation Mass 2
November 23:   Regular Class Night
                         Safe Environment Talk Grade 8
                         2nd Grade Visits the Confessionals
November 29:  First Sunday of Advent
November 30:  Regular Class Night
                        Advent Reconciliation Service for grades 3-8
                        Fees for 2020-2021 are Due Tonight
December 5:   First Reconciliation Saturday at 10:30am

Notes Regarding 2020-2021 Fees
For those families that have not paid fees for this RE year yet, a notice will be going home tonight.  The cost for RE has not been raised this year.  We are so grateful to our giving parish for supporting this wonderful ministry!  If you have any questions when you get your note, please let us know!  Fees for this year are due at the end of the month, on November 30.

While we have a few masks on hand to pass out, we do not have a lot.  Please be sure to send a mask with your child each Monday night.  The masks are to be worn while in movement.  If the students are comfortable, they may take them off when they are socially distant in the classroom by 6 feet.  We appreciate your help in this!

Safe Environment Talks 2020
All classes, grades 1-7, have completed their talks for this school year.  Our 8th graders will have theirs on November 23.  We will turn in our report to the diocese after that! As a reminder, if you want to know more about that program, visit the diocesan website.  

Advent 2020
It is hard to believe that start to Advent will begin on the last Sunday of this month!  The start Advent means there are only 4 Sundays left until Christmas--the birth of Jesus!  We will prepare in RE during Advent for Christmas by going to Reconciliation, studying this season, and preparing our hearts for Jesus' birth!  Find ways to celebrate at home as well.  This site gives 10 great ways to make the season come alive!