September 11, 2023
Feast of St. Paphnutius

Dear RE Families,
Welcome back to the 2023-2024 Religious Education year!  We are so excited to kick off this new year on Monday, September 11!  We hope you all had a good summer and that the school year is off to a great start. 

Our catechists are all set to bring great lessons that draw our students closer to God.  From the chapter work to extension activities, we hope your child(ren) come into a deeper relationship with God.  Our catechists wrote an introduction note that each child will bring home the first class night.  We are blessed with a great group of catechists, they are:
Grade 1:  Mrs. Lisa Stritmatter, assisted by Mrs. Darlene Simpson
Grade 2:  Mr. Jared Hoy, assisted by Caitlyn O'Rourke
Grade 3:  Mrs. Jan Hoy, assisted by Mrs. Judy Diagostino
Grade 4:  Miss Alexis Jackson
Grade 5:  Mrs. Kathy Johns
Grade 6:  Mrs. Jane Cavacini
Grade 7:  Mr. Jordan McClead
Grade 8:  Mr. Keith Heimann

We will send out a newsletter each first Monday of the month with the upcoming information for the month.  Please be on the lookout for it to keep in the know on all things RE and what is coming up.  Also, please look to our page on the parish website.  You will always find our current calendar, sacrament information, and other forms related to RE.  A paper calendar is also attached to each teacher's intro note.

Should you ever need anything, please email us.  We check our email regularly and that is the best way to get a quick response.  Save this email address for future use.  We look forward to a great year!

Amy Johns, Director of Religious Education
Cindy Stults, Assistant DRE

September 2023 Calendar
September 11:  1st Class Night
September 18:  Regular Class Night
September 25:  Regular Class Night
                          Confirmation Service Hours Due
September 30:  Confirmation Retreat 5pm-9pm
October 2:         Regular Class Night
                          Confirmation Class Writes Outline for Letter in Class

Monday Night Arrival/Dismissal
As a reminder, arrival and pick up is at Door #13.  Door #13 is located at the lot of Reed/Trier.  Cones will be set up along the sidewalk for safety.  You can drop children right off at the door and they will come into the building and turn left into the Parish Hall.  We begin right at 6:30pmr for opening prayer as one whole group, then dismiss from there to the classrooms for class.  Dismissal is at this same door/lot.  We do ask parents of young students to park and come up to the sidewalk to gather your child(ren) from the teacher.  Class ends at 7:45pm.  

Sacrament TImelines

For students in Grade 2 and Grade 8, in addition to their catechist introductory note, they will also bring home a timeline of dates and information regarding the upcoming sacraments.  Please keep this note in a safe spot and refer to it with future planning.

Items to Bring to Class
Each child will have his/her textbook and folder to bring to class each night.  The books and folders will have a label with their name on it.  In addition to these items, grade 6 will get a Bible.  Students in grade 7/8 should bring the Bible they received in 6th grade.  If they are new to RE, a Bible will be handed out.  Please be sure they have these each night!

2023-2024 Fees
If you haven't paid your fees for the year, feel free to send it in with your child.  We will send bills out in October, but if you would like to get this off the to do list, we will take it.  Fees for 1 child is $70, two children is $130, and three or more is $190.  You can pay by check, cash, or SCRIP voucher.