January 6, 2020


Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Epiphany!  It is so much fun to have our first class back fall on this most special day when the three Magi visited baby Jesus.  They took such a long journey to get to the Holy Family and an even longer one back to avoid Herod!  Tonight, each class will participate in a special celebration of Epiphany.  We will learn what makes this feast day so special, play a game, and have a treat!  

We hope 2020 is off to a good start for all of you and that you all had a restful, fun-filled break!  It always seems to go by so quickly, yet at the same time we eagerly await to see what this new decade will bring!  

Amy and Lisa

January 2020 Calendar
January 6:    Regular Class Night
January 13:  Regular Class Night
January 20:  Regular Class Night
January 27:  Regular Class Night
                     Grade 7 Parents:  Theology of the Body/Confirmation Meeting 
January 29:  Grade 7 Parents:  Theology of the Body/Confirmation Meeting 
                      3:30pm (option 2 to attend)
February 3:   Regular Class Night

Looking Ahead:
February 10:  First Eucharist Parent Meeting at 6:45pm
February 12:  First Eucharist Parent Meeting at 3:30pm

Grade 7 TOB and Confirmation Parent Meeting
As you may have noticed from the calendar, parents of current 7th grade students, those in Digan's Disciples, have a parent meeting coming up to discuss two important programs.  The first is Theology of the Body.  This is an 8 lesson course on morality that the students will be studying this half of the year.  Fr. Tom will be present to explain the course and parent booklets will be passed out that follow chapter by chapter what your child will be studying.  To make it easier on the schedule, we have also combined this meeting with Confirmation.  Yes...we do start the Confirmation preparation this early!  In addition to TOB talk, we will go through the logistics of Confirmation and what our candidates will need to be doing right now!  Please plan to attend one of the two scheduled meetings!
Option 1:  Monday during our RE class.  January 27 at 6:45pm in the Parish Hall
Option 2:  Wednesday after school.  January 29 at 3:30pm in Room 7.  
Enter at the RE door for both!

Perfect Attendance
On Monday night, we will congratulate those students who got perfect attendance for the first half of our RE year.  We had quite a few...the most I can remember acknowledging in a long time! Special thank you to the parents of those students as well!  You make it possible!

2019-2020 Fees
Notices will be going out to those families who have not paid or have a balance on fees for this RE year next week. We would like these paid up before we start enrollment for next year.  Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.
Family Activity to Celebrate the Baptism of our Lord
In addition to Epiphany, we also celebrate the Baptism of our Lord this month on January 12.  This is a great time to read the story of the Lord's Baptism, by his cousin John from the Bible, Matthew Chapter 3 has a great one to read together as a family.  After reading about Jesus' Baptism, talk about your child's Baptism.  Pull out pictures, the baptismal candle, baptismal cloth, who the godparents are, etc... to talk about what made your child's Baptism so special.  We celebrate Baptisms each Monday night in Religious Education, so many of the children know the date of their Baptism!  Just like Jesus got baptized so did we when we became Catholic.  Our birth in the Church!

Family Prayer for 2020
The USCCB site is a wealth of information and a great go-to site!  This prayer for families was on the site and might be a great prayer to pray each day as a family, asking our Lord to be with us and strengthen you as family unit.

We bless your name, O Lord,
for sending your own incarnate Son,
to become part of a family,
so that, as he lived its life,
he would experience its worries and its joys.

We ask  you, Lord,
to protect and watch over this family,
so that in the strength of your grace
its members may enjoy prosperity,
possess the priceless gift of your peace,
and, as the Church alive in the home,
bear witness in this world to your glory.

We ask this thought Christ our Lord.

—from Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers