March 1, 2021

Feast of St. David

Dear RE Families,

I hope this finds you all well as we are in the midst of Lent!  We are approaching the 2 week mark of Lent this Wednesday.  How are you doing on that Lenten promise?  

This weekend as I hung the stars, which have the students' Lenten promises on them, I was reminded how this is a time to change for the better!  God gave us 40 days to improve ourselves bringing us closer to Him.  The promises I hung around the doorway of door 13 were so heartfelt!  Some of our students are giving up fast food, chocolate, and video games, while others chose to help out more at home by doing the laundry, making their bed each day, and being nice to their siblings.  I loved those that said they were going to pray their devotional, read a part of the Bible each day, and say their prayers every day!  These promises are so diverse, but all with the same purpose....bringing the children closer to God and changing for the better.  Hopefully we all can be a 🌟STAR🌟 this Lent!  

Thank you for hanging in there last month with two Mondays off due to weather.  What a crazy, short month!  Hopefully March will be much nicer to us and allow us to have class each Monday, all five of them! We have many Lenten activities planned starting with Reconciliation today and Stations of the Cross on March 22.  All are welcome to join us around 7:15pm in Church for Stations if you like, on March 22.

God's blessings to you all this Lenten season,
Amy and Lisa

March 2021 Calendar
March 1:   Regular Class Night
                 RE Fees Due
                 Reconciliation for grades 2-8 (during class for Lent)
March 8:   Regular Class Night
March 15: Regular Class Night
March 22: Regular Class Night
                 Confirmation Sponsor Certificates Due (current 7th grade class)
                 Stations of the Cross at 7:15pm in Church
March 29: Regular Class Night
April 1:      Holy Thursday
April 2:      Good Friday
April 4:      Easter Sunday
April 5:      No Class--Spring Break
April 12:    Regular Class Night

Fees for 2020-2021
Any family with outstanding fees for this current RE year are asked to pay them this Monday, March 1.  We are in the midst of getting registration ready to go for next year and would like to close out this year.  Thanks for your cooperation with this and please feel free to talk to us if you have any questions.  Notices were sent via email and USPS in early February with the balance.

Confirmation Sponsor Certificate
For those preparing for Confirmation, our current 7th grade class--Mr. and Mrs. Sliger's class, your sponsor certificate is due on March 22.  The packets for Confirmation were handed out at the parent meeting and also a second copy was given in class after the explanation.  Please be sure to touch base with your sponsor to make sure they got the certificate turned in to the RE Office.  We currently only have 1 RE sponsor form returned!  If they are not a member at St. Charles, they will need to go to their home parish to get it signed.  This is not something you can wait until the last minute to do!  Please be sure to follow up with your sponsor.

Stations of the Cross
As stated previously, all parents are welcome to join us in Church for Stations of the Cross on Monday, March 22.  We usually start around 7:15pm, after the 6:30pm Mass.   

Lent in the Catholic Home
I love looking for activities to share with our catechists that can enhance their lessons.  While doing a search recently, I came across a new site that I hadn't really used much before called Meaningful Explorations.  It has a wealth of ideas, color pages, puzzles, and things to do at home to celebrate Lent.  Check it out and try one!