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Pastor's Column

August 30 Pastor's column

     The bishop is borrowing our church this Tuesday evening, September 1, for the Confirmation Mass for Most Precious Blood parish.  Their church isn’t big enough for the number of people they expect, and we will host their Confirmation here at St. Charles.  Therefore, we will cancel our parish 6:30 p.m. Mass on Tuesday.  For those looking for a Tuesday evening Mass, I’m sure that we will have enough space at the 7:00 Confirmation Mass and you are welcome.

     School has begun, and the first two weeks have gone well.  Our kids have done well with masks, distancing, and sanitizing, and for the most part, they are very glad to be back.  Religious Ed classes begin on September 14.  If you have children grades 1-8 who are not in a Catholic school and they aren’t registered yet, give us a call.

     Our Knights of Columbus garage sale finishes this Sunday afternoon in the parish office garage.  I see a good collection of sports equipment, woodshop tools, and other cool stuff for men.  The proceeds will be given to the parish.

    Our summer seminarian, Andy Barnes, is now safely back at Bishop Simon Brute seminary in Indianapolis.  He reported that he had a fantastic first week back at school with a hole-in-one on the golf course.  He didn’t mention classes, but I’m sure he is doing that too.

     A unique feature of our school building is the courtyard in the middle of the school, accessible only from the school.  In that courtyard is a pond.  We put a lot of work into the pond this summer, adding some new landscaping and setting up a running waterfall.  Over the summer, the fish population in the pond was reduced to exactly two:  a catfish and an aggressive largemouth bass.  To culminate our pond beautification efforts, Fr. Thomas demonstrated his fly-fishing skills.  We are now enjoying a happy pond with colorful goldfish and koi swimming together peacefully.  We also enjoyed a nice bass dinner in the rectory.  Once the pandemic is over, we will organize some kind of an open house for folks to see this beautiful spot.