Ordering SCRIP online: 
click on the order form below, complete it, email it to the SCRIP email address:  Scrip@scbfw.org or print it and turn it in to the office (this document is legal size - 8.5x14)
Click here for SCRIP order form

Office Hours
·         Monday 8am - Noon
·         Tuesday - Thursday 8:30am - Noon
·         Friday 9am - Noon (summer 9:30am - Noon)

             *SALES in the Hession Center 8 - 9am (summer 8:30am - 9:30am)

·         Peggy Lehn and Judy Smith - 260.969.4027

What does SCRIP stand for?
·    Substitute
·    Currency
·    Reaps
·    In
·    Profit

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a fundraising program.  We purchase gift cards for products and services at a discount and sell them to you for full value.  The discount becomes profit for the parish and you – 50% of the profit goes to the parish and 50% goes to you.  

The high yielding fund-raiser that costs you nothing - AND earns credit for you!

How is the profit used?

YOUR 50%

Twice a year (January & June), Credit Vouchers are issued showing the amount of credit that you have earned from purchasing SCRIP.  Several options are listed for you to choose from to indicate where you would like to direct your credit.  The most popular choice is school tuition including St. Charles, Bishop Dwenger, Bishop Luers, or even a college of your choice.  If your credit is over $20, it is also possible to receive cash back in the form of a check.


The parish has used its share of the profit in many ways.  The current project will be new cushions for the church pews once the ceiling repairs are completed. Previous projects have included the building of a new Rectory, Parish Office renovations, Automatic Defibrillators, Softball field fencing, security systems and many others.  SCRIP profits allow the parish to make many necessary updates without straining the budget or conducting fund raising drives.

*SCRIP credits do not expire!

How can I buy SCRIP?

SCRIP can be purchased in the following ways:

(1)  School Orders – Send your order in to school with your student on Monday or Friday mornings.  The order will be filled and sent home with your student at the end of the school day.
(2)  Friday Sales* – Every Friday morning from 8-9 am in the Hession Center. (Thursday if there is no school on Friday.)
(3)  Saturday Sales* - In the SCRIP room located near the north entrance in the Gathering Space of church after the 5 pm Mass.
(4)  Sunday Sales* - In the SCRIP room located near the north entrance in the Gathering Space after the 7:30 am Mass until 11 am.  In a hurry?  Before the 9 am Mass, you can drop your completed order form and payment off to the SCRIP team and pick-up your filled order at the end of Mass.
(5)  Collection Basket – Drop an order in the collection basket.  Your order will be filled and ready for pick-up on Monday after 2 pm.
(6)  Phone Orders – You can always call and leave an order on the answering machine.  The order will be filled during our next office hours and available by 2 pm that day.
(7)  Mail Orders – Mail in an order and it will be filled as soon as we receive it.  You can then pick it up at the Parish Office or have it returned to you by mail. (You assume the responsibility for order lost in the mail.)

*Cash Carry style purchasing.

**Order forms are available on the "SCRIP Profit" board in the back of church or can be downloaded from the link at the top of the page.  (this document is legal size - 8.5x14)

How do I pay?

We accept check or cash at the time that you place your order.  If you place an order by phone, payment is expected when you pick-up your order.  If you place a “special order,” payment is expected at the time you place your order.

What is a special order?

St. Charles SCRIP program is unique in that we carry an inventory, meaning in most cases, it possible for you to receive the gift cards, immediately.  However, it is impossible to predict everyone’s needs.  Therefore, we encourage you to plan ahead.  If you are planning to purchase a large item and need more than $200 of a certain item, try to let us know in advance.  That way, we will order that item especially for you, guaranteeing that you receive the entire amount of product you need.  Other items are available but not carried in our inventory due to the infrequency that it is ordered.  These items are marked on the order from with $$.  Finally, there are many items not listed on our order form because the merchant is not located in the Fort Wayne area.  Any of these products can also be purchased with advance notice.  A complete list of certificates that are available can be found at glscrip.com or requested from one of the SCRIP coordinators.

We place our order for new inventory shortly after 9 am on Monday mornings.  Please call before that time to place a “special order.”


Kroger contributes to the parish through the KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS program.  Kroger sends us a reward check, quarterly, based on the number of parishioners that have registered their KROGER PLUS Card with Kroger and selected St. Charles Borromeo, Fort Wayne as their charity of choice. The code for our organization is – PQ921.  While you do not share in the profit personally, it is a great way to support the parish.  Below are the Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Go to Kroger.com and click on "Community Rewards" at the bottom of the page
  • Sign In or create a new account
  • View your rewards details
  • Make sure you Plus Card is registered to your account
  • Under community rewards - Choose "Enroll" or "Edit"
  • Search for your organization - PQ921 - St. Charles Borromeo, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Scroll to the bottom where it says "Enroll"
  • You should receive a message that says "your enrollment in the community rewards program has been updated.  Thank you for participating!"
  • Within 10 days, you should start seeing your organization on the bottom of your receipt tape


Kohl’s allows you to pay your charge at the store using Kohl’s gift cards.  What could be easier!  Shop and then purchase the SCRIP gift cards to pay off your bill.  Enjoy the easy of shopping and the benefits of SCRIP credit.

The order forms change often, each time we add or lose a merchant. So, make sure you have a fairly current form when placing an order. Be sure to check out an order form to see that you can use SCRIP for nearly everything!

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact the SCRIP office or one of the coordinators today.  SCRIP is like free money for the parish and for you.  The more participation we have in this amazing fund-raising program, the more things the parish can do. Consider using SCRIP today!