Contact Information:

Coordinators--Peggy Lehn and Judy Smith
Phone - 260.969.4027
Email -
Office Hours:
Monday:  8 am - Noon
Tuesday – Thursday:  8:30 am - Noon
Friday:  9 am - Noon (summer 9:30 am - Noon)

What is SCRIP?
SCRIP is a fundraiser where you use gift cards as payment for your everyday purchases. This fundraiser is unique because it shares the profit with you 50/50. So the more you make, the more we make!  SCRIP is like free money for St. Charles and for you.  The more participation we have in this amazing fundraising program, the more things that we can do.

Here’s an example of how it works:  Let’s say you are going to buy groceries at Meijer this week and spend $100.  Instead of using your credit/debit card to pay, you buy a $100 gift card from SCRIP and use it as your payment.  It’s that simple!  There’s no catch and no fees.  You pay us $100; you get $100 gift card. SCRIP is a high yielding fund-raiser that costs you nothing - AND earns credit for you!

How does SCRIP earn money for You and St. Charles?
When St. Charles originally bought the Meijer gift card in the above example, we received a 4% discount and only paid $96.  When you purchased the gift card at $100, it created a $4 profit.  And since we split the profit equally, you made $2 and so did St. Charles.  Two dollars may not seem like a lot of money, but if you bought that same gift card each week for a year, you would earn $104!  And, St. Charles would also earn $104.  In addition to grocery stores, we have gift cards for gas stations, restaurants, home improvement stores, clothing retailers, dentists, Amazon, and so many more!

How can I buy SCRIP?
SCRIP can be purchased in the following ways.  Order forms are available on the SCRIP bulletin board in the back of church or can be downloaded from the link at the top of the page.

  • Friday Sales:  8-9 am in the Hession Center (Thursday if there is no school on Friday.)
  • Saturday Sales:  after the 5 pm Mass in the Gathering Space of church.
  • Sunday Sales:  after the 7:30 am Mass until 11 am in the Gathering Space at church.  In a hurry?  Before the 9 am Mass, you can drop your completed order form and payment off to the SCRIP team and pick-up your filled order at the end of Mass.
  • Phone Orders:  Call 260-969-4027 and leave an order on the answering machine.  The order will be filled during our next office hours.
  • Email Orders:  Email your order to  The order will be filled during our next office hours.
  • School Orders:  Send your order in to school with your student on Monday or Friday mornings.  The order will be filled and sent home with your student at the end of the school day.  Order forms also found in weekly school newsletter.
  • Church Collection Basket:  Drop an order in the church collection basket.  Your order will be filled and ready for pick-up on Monday by noon.
  • Mail Orders:  Mail in an order with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and it will be filled as soon as we receive it.  You can then pick it up at the Parish Office or have it returned to you by mail. (You assume the responsibility for order lost in the mail.)

Can I purchase SCRIP online or from an app?
Yes!  You may purchase e-gift cards or reload physical cards from our supplier, or the RaiseRight app.  E-gift cards are delivered electronically and saved to your virtual wallet in minutes.  They can easily be used for online shopping or scanned by the retailer at check-out.  The reloadable gift card option is a physical card initially purchased from St. Charles which can be electronically reloaded with funds using the RaiseRight app or website.  Reloadable cards save time, reduce waste, and are great for regular purchases to your favorite stores. 

You should NEVER order physical gift cards from RaiseRight.  Physical gift cards must be purchased through the St. Charles SCRIP office.  Ordering physical cards from RaiseRight interferes with the count of the inventory we carry, and you may be charged shipping fees. Using the RaiseRight app or website requires a linked bank account for payment and a special enrollment code for St. Charles.  If you would like to join our online program, you must contact a SCRIP coordinator and complete the required paperwork before starting.

How do I pay?
We accept check or cash at the time that you place your order.  If you place an order by phone, payment is expected when you pick up your order.  If you place a “special order,” payment is expected at the time you place your order.

How is the profit used?

YOUR 50%
Twice a year (January & June), Credit Statements are issued showing the amount of credit that you have earned from purchasing SCRIP.  Several options are listed for you to choose from to indicate where you would like to direct your credit.  The money you earn can be used for tuition at any school or for your child’s lunch account.  Teachers can use it for their classroom supplies.  You can donate the money back to the church for one of our ministries such as St. Vincent DePaul.  If your credit is over $20, it is also possible to receive cash back in the form of a personal check.

The parish has used its share of the profit in many ways, most recently for the Welcoming the Tabernacle Campaign. Previous projects have included the building of a new Rectory, Parish Office renovations, Automatic Defibrillators, Softball field fencing, security systems and many others.  SCRIP profits allow the parish to make many necessary updates without straining the budget or conducting fund raising drives.

What is a special order?
St. Charles SCRIP program is unique in that we carry an inventory, meaning it is usually possible for you to receive the gift cards the same day you order.  However, it is impossible to predict everyone’s needs.  Therefore, we encourage you to plan ahead.  If you are planning to purchase a large item and need more than $200 of a certain item, try to let us know in advance.  That way, we will order that item especially for you, guaranteeing that you receive the entire amount of product you need.  Many retailers are available but not carried in our inventory due to the infrequency that it is ordered or because the merchant is not located in the Fort Wayne area.  Any of these products can also be purchased with advance notice.  A complete list of gift cards that are available can be found at or requested from one of the SCRIP coordinators.  We place our order for new inventory by 9 am on Monday mornings.  Please call before that time to place a “special order.”

Volunteers needed:
It takes many people to make the SCRIP program a success.  We are always looking for volunteers.  Most of our volunteers only work about one hour each month.  No experience necessary!  We need people during the week and on weekends for our sales.  Volunteering is a great way to learn more about the program.  Contact a SCRIP coordinator if you are interested in volunteering.

In addition to having gift cards, Kroger also contributes to the parish through the KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS program.  Kroger sends us a reward check, quarterly, based on the number of parishioners that have registered their KROGER PLUS Card with Kroger and selected St. Charles Borromeo, Fort Wayne as their charity of choice. The code for our organization is – PQ921.  While you do not share in the profit personally, it is a great way to support the parish. 

Below are the Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Go to and click on "Community Rewards" at the bottom of the page under Community
  • Sign in or create a new account
  • After signing in, choose My Account (top right under your name)
  • Choose Profile and make sure your Kroger Plus Card is registered
  • Choose Community Rewards at the left
  • Choose Enroll (or Change Organization)
  • Search for our organization:  PQ921 St. Charles Borromeo, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Click Enroll next to our organizations name
  • Within 10 Days you should start seeing St. Charles on the bottom of your receipt tape.